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Our concepts

LITT Events is an event organisation that created multiple concepts throughout the years. These concepts combine the cultural background, music taste, the creative and artistic thoughts of the founders. All this combined makes for a diverse roster of events.

Mama Africa

Mama Africa has been the hotspot for lovers of African music in the Netherlands and Belgium since 2017. What started as a contest in a small venue has grown into an international dance night filled with the most beautiful people around. A mix of the hottest Afro Beats, Azonto, Kuduro, Coupé Décalé, Ndombolo & more.

Deep Origin

A blend of exhilarating Amapiano mixed with complementary African-house/tech. A treat for the ears accompanied by and stunning art. Deep Origin will bring you the supreme thumping tracks from the motherland. Nothing compares to the electrifying beats infused with rhythmic instruments from Africa.

Green Garden Festival

The Hague's best collectives join forces for
Green Garden Festival in the Hague at malieveld. The city festival where the best from The Hague nightlife comes together. Together with Paard, LITT Events and Vunzige Deuntjes, we represent the sound of the city with an extensive musical and cultural program. Green Garden festival is a  festival for and by The Hague creating different music movements presented on multiple stages: live music, hip hop, R&B, Latin, african music, techno and house. And all that in our own backyard: At Malieveld. Through the collaboration of the above partners with each with their own supporters, the Green Garden Festival focuses on the youth from all over the world neighborhoods but also from the region.

Très Bien

Très Bien is the concept that blends the best Hip Hop & R&B, Latin and Afropop! Très Bien was the first event LITT Events organised back in 2016 and what started with 400 visitors has turned into a party visited by over 1000 people at Paard.

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